Sunday, 3 August 2014

American Adventures in Washington DC

About a month ago, I got back from travelling around the USA with my fiancé. I had the most amazing time & got to see so many places that I never thought I'd be able to :) 

The first stop was Washington DC where my fiancé is living at the minute. I spent the first week sunbathing by the pool as he had to work but at the weekend we had the opportunity to go into DC to explore! 

The White House was amazing! It looked so calm & serene but I did expect it to be a bit bigger than it was if I'm honest!

My gorgeous fiancé & I

Our first house together :)

(I wish)

Stephen then gave me a history lesson as we walked around which I did listen to but might have forgotten since... (sorry)

Finally time for some lunch, we headed to Five Guys for some tasty healthy food :)

I love how they offer peanuts for free!

Ooo it was so damn tasty!

We may have also stopped for some Oreo ice cream!

Whilst staying with Stephen, I went to meet him in Reston where he works & they had some delicious food trucks for the first time :)

I had a delicious cajun prawn wrap!

I had such a great time exploring the DC area & had to show you this ridiculous sized car that Stephen had during my first week...

I actually had to use the step to get in because it was so big!

After having such a great start to my American adventure, we packed our bags & got ready to jet off to San Francisco! 

See you there :) 

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