Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hourglass Primer Review

I have a love/hate relationship with primers. I've had a few great ones but many not so great.

I often find that they don't react well with me. I don't know if it's the foundation or moisturiser I use or even just my skin but I always find that once I start applying my makeup my skin looks all "peely" & dry. 

This could be a mistake that I'm making but I don't really see why I would need to change my whole skincare routine to be able to wear a primer.

Then came this beauty....

The Hourglass Veil Primer is a dream!

It feels incredible on your skin. Almost like silk when you apply it. It's so soft & because of the texture, I feel like it's adding more moisture to my skin rather than drying it out. It creates that perfect smooth base to kick start your makeup!

I've definitely noticed a difference in how long my makeup lasts when I have it on to when I haven't applied it & I'm sad that my sample has ran out :( I need to buy a new one!

It's a mineral based water-resistant primer which is meant to eliminate redness, minimise your pores, soften the fine lines we all hate & create that smooth even base we all crave. It's a white creamy consistency with a slight hint of blue tone running through it which I really like as sometimes with primers they're the colour of the foundation & I feel like I'm putting foundation on top of foundation. This primer also has an SPF 15 which is what I feel we're all looking for in our beauty products these days.

After I've finished my usual cleanse, tone & moisturise skincare routine I use my fingertips to apply it to my face, making sure that I've gone over those areas where my makeup tends to fall off first & then spread it out to less oily areas. It also has a nice sheen to it once applied unlike the Benefit POREfessional which is more of a matte finish & like I said this primer is less drying & more moisturising.

The only negative that I can find with it is the price tag. It's a steep £52 for a full sized 30ml bottle which isn't too bad for "special occasion" use but if you're looking for an everyday primer this may be a tad expensive. You'll find they do a smaller 10ml bottle for £20 which isn't too bad if you'd like to have a try first before emptying your purse on the larger size :)

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Dainty Bride xx

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