Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Las Vegas

Our final stop on the road trip was Las Vegas & I couldn't have been more excited!! I always thought I wouldn't be that bothered about Las Vegas but as soon as we had decided to add it to our itinerary it was definitely one of the places I was most excited about.

As soon as we had arrived, we dropped our luggage at the hotel & went to explore the strip.

And of course the shopping malls! This one in Caesar's Palace had circular escalators... that's a new one to me!!

Stephen & I stayed at the 'Trump International' which was such a nice hotel & also really relaxing as it didn't have any of the casino's or craziness in!

On our first night we had booked tickets to see Calvin Harris play a DJ set in Hakkasan but before all the dancing, we needed some yummy food. We headed off to Gordon Ramsey's 'pub' in Caesar's Palace & enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich.

My outfit for the evening.

Caesar's Palace selfie ;)

The following day we woke up pretty late due to an early AM bedtime & grabbed some pancakes for breakfast! 


We then ventured down to the pool for some frozen margarita's & food

You'll find my bikini here

The day obviously got a bit too much for someone...

On our last night in Las Vegas we thought we'd treat ourselves by going to Nobu. I've always wanted to try the one in London so seeing as we were so close we went for it!

Upon arrival, all the staff in the restaurant shouted a Japanese greeting to us which I found slightly odd to begin with but got used to it throughout the meal as others joined the restaurant. 

My date for the night ;)

The food was absolutely incredible!! We enjoyed some tuna, tempura prawns, scallop sushi, black cod & a dessert.

What a brilliant way to end our American adventures :) I enjoyed every place that we visited & hope that I can go again soon!!

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