Sunday, 10 August 2014

San Francisco, Napa Valley & The West Coast

Welcome to the West Coast :)

I had such an amazing time travelling down this side of America. I'd never been before so it was amazing to be able to go for almost 2 weeks!!

My fiancé & I flew into San Francisco.
(Well we were meant to but had some really bad luck with flights... I won't go into that so let's just pretend all went to plan)

Unfortunately we lost the first day due to travelling delays which mean we had to make the most of our second & final day. We were up pretty early because of the time difference anyways which meant we could get out & into exploring!

We started off in Union Square which kind of reminded me of New York but more chilled out. We then slowly walked all the way down to Fisherman's Wharf enjoying the sights as we went.

Whilst we were in Fisherman's Wharf we stopped for some lunch :)

We then wandered along the piers & headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge!

After our short but sweet trip to San Francisco, it was time to head up to Napa Valley for the day :)

We found my street en route ;)

Naturally, we did a wine tasting. I'm not normally a wine drinker AT ALL but these wines were absolutely delicious & I think it helped only having a couple of sips!

After an amazing day in the 40 degree heat, we went to Bouchon to fill our bellies!

Stephen had some lamb & I had some yummy muscles!

Mmmmm chocolate mousse :)

Our next stop took us to Santa Cruz Pier where my inner child came out!!

Seeing as they were on offer, we thought it'd be rude not try deep fried Oreos... Actually tasted pretty good!

Taking a walk along the pier, we found a mummy & baby sea lion :)

I love these turkey legs that you can get in the US, they're just amazingly good! If you have chance to try one, you should!

We then headed down the California State Route 1 which had some absolutely beautiful views!

Always eating...

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