Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Proposal

I had known for a long time that Charlie was the one woman I wanted to marry and if I am honest the decision to propose came quite easily. I know this may not always be the case because it can be daunting thinking that you are asking someone to spend the rest of your lives together but it is, however you do it, such a magical moment between two people.

My proposal came when I decided to ask my parents to go ring shopping with me. Again I was lucky because I knew exactly what Charlie wanted so that is lesson number one; always know what they want as it is meant to stay on their finger forever. My parents and I went to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham as it is famed for its amazing jewellers and great prices, plus my parents had never been. It's also where Charlie’s parents and Uncle & Aunty got all of their wedding rings so it seemed like a good place. If you go don’t be put off by it’s sporadic, run down appearance because some of these Jewellers have been around for generations.

Before I went I knew what ring I was after and I set a budget. It is easy when you're there to get sucked into the sales speeches about diamonds and precious metals (which is extremely interesting) but that is all it is at the end of the day, sales techniques. They get you on things like the 4 C’s; cut, colour, clarity and carat BUT what is important to remember is what does your future fiancĂ© want and what can you afford. If you go and decide you want a flawless diamond set on a platinum band then go home and save, do not be rushed into buying there and then on some of the finance schemes they offer.

I got my ring, it took about 5 minutes. We went to a place called Marlow’s and they had rings set out on trays that differed in style, precious metals, prices and then ranges of the 4 C’s. I knew which ring Charlie would want instantly (as much of a clichĂ© as that is) but I spent some time looking at them all, inspecting them and also going to other shops, but ultimately I went back to the first ring in the first shop.

Now the proposal... 
Charlie will tell you I'm not a very patient so on the drive back to my house my parents asked me when I was thinking of doing it and my response was simple. "There’s no time like the present." Only snag to the story was that I hadn’t asked her Dad for permission, even though he’d been pestering us about it for about a year, so I cornered him that afternoon and he happily obliged. The next problem was my beloved Arsenal were playing on TV so I came up with the plan that we should go for a walk for some fresh air at half time and what a drama that turned out to be! Charlie was against it, her Sister was demanding help from her and dinner was almost ready but I persisted and got my way.

I used the excuse of walking past my house to see my parents quickly as the lane we live on disappears into the beautiful countryside so we walked in that direction. I was sweating. The Sun was setting and I couldn’t wait any longer so as Charlie continued to walk I got down on one knee until she turned around, it was a magical moment.

24 hours earlier I hadn’t planned on getting engaged the next day but it happened. The only thing I knew was what ring she wanted and that’s where I started, the rest happened because it felt right and that’s the biggest bit of advice I can give from this, if it feels right it is right.

See you at the Stag do.

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