Sunday 3 April 2016

Our Little Secret

I am so so happy & relieved to finally be able to tell everyone that I'M PREGNANT!! Honestly, it has been so hard trying to keep it a secret & I definitely slipped up a few times. 

We found out when I was just 4 weeks & thought that keeping it a secret for 8 wouldn't be that hard but it has felt like forever.

Luckily, for the first 6-7 weeks, I didn't really have that many symptoms & kept thinking the pregnancy test was lying to me. I first thought I was pregnant because my stomach felt ridiculously bloated but a different kind of bloat that I was used to. It was also rock hard & didn't seem to be going anywhere. As I was due my period, I was really confused as to whether it was just that as my breasts were also giving me some horrendous pain so I hung on in there for a couple days to see what happened. I felt tired every now & again but I'm always sleepy & if you know me well, you know I like to be tucked up in bed by 9pm ready to drift into the land of nod so I really struggled to differentiate normal sleepiness & pregnant sleepiness.

If you're a pregnancy blogger or reader then you know what's coming next...

1. How far along?
13 weeks + 5 days

2. Size of baby

3. Sleep (first trimester)
I have found it harder to sleep through the night whereas before, I slept like a baby. I wake up from being uncomfortable, too hot & needing the toilet. It's not every night so I just have to deal with it as & when really!

4. Any cravings? (first trimester)
Anything bad for me which I know I shouldn't allow myself to stuff my face with but I really can't help it! The 2 things that are top of my list are; Nesquik cereal & poptarts

5. Gone off anything? (first trimester)
Yes, meat! Completely despise it at the minute which if you know me, is very odd. I love pretty much every meat & couldn't imagine a meal without it. The other is eggs. Even writing the word makes me feel queasy! 

6. Any symptoms? (first trimester)
To begin with, I felt so bloated! That was one of the reasons I thought I might be pregnant in the first place but this has gone down a little now unless I eat a large meal. I also had really sore breasts during the first 2 months but luckily, this has passed which I'm very grateful about. Another "symptom" would be needing to wee during the night which I have never had before & I am also a bit of a cow at the minute. My poor husband gets the majority of it & I feel bad even when I am being a cow but for some reason, just can't stop! Let's hope that diminishes in the next couple weeks! The last & definitely least favourite of my symptoms has been the nausea! I suffer with nausea in general life anyway but this is just so much worse. Some days I feel great & others, I just want to cry & curl up. I have found though, it is worse when I am starting to get peckish so I have kept a supply of snacks on hand ready to assist!

7. What I miss (first trimester)
I really miss sleeping on my front & back as I didn't really have a sleeping position, i would tend to change it up each night but now it's side, side, side & it's already getting boring... Only 6 months to go!! I'm also missing drinking as much tea as I like as I'm trying to keep an eye on my caffeine levels & also really missing shellfish!

8. What I'm looking forward to
I'm actually really looking forwards to my 16 week midwife appointment just to find more information out & see what happens really

Well, that's it for the first trimester. It's been a little rocky but not actually too bad - make sure you keep checking back for further pregnancy updates!


Sunday 14 February 2016

A Baby Shower

So we've started with the hen parties & weddings but within my friendship group, this is the first baby shower. Being my OCD organised self, I opted the plan the event along with my friend & I'm so happy I did. It was so much fun deciding what we were going to do & researching all things baby.

Sunday 7 February 2016

Dainty Bride Is Back!

I'm back!!

You may or may not have noticed that I've been a little absent from the blogosphere for the last couple of months. To be honest, life got way to hectic with just getting married, having bought our first home that we're renovating & having a new job. Along with just generally working full time, going to the gym & seeing friends & family, I just needed a bit of a break & around Christmas & the new year seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I didn't want to force myself back into it as I felt like my blog was becoming more of a chore & less of a fun hobby. I knew that when I was ready I would open this page & just start typing. And here I am...

Hopefully you're all glad to see me back & this time around I think I'm just going to post as & when I feel like it. I put some pressure on myself last time around in that I wanted to post every week on specific days but with a hectic lifestyle, it's just not possible. I'm kind of hoping I'll still post every week but let's just wait & see!

Hope you're having a wonderful lazy & relaxed Sunday. 

Speak soon...


Sunday 6 December 2015

November Favourites

The festive favourites are slowly showing for November so keep an eye out for next month's where they will be all over the place!!

1. Marks & Spencer's Boots

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Gifts For Him | Christmas

I don't know what it is about guys (well maybe it's just mine) but I really struggle to find gifts. I always feel like I'm doing the same old thing & unless you know something with a high ticket value that they definitely want, then it's impossible.

Gifts For Him | Christmas