Sunday, 3 April 2016

Our Little Secret

I am so so happy & relieved to finally be able to tell everyone that I'M PREGNANT!! Honestly, it has been so hard trying to keep it a secret & I definitely slipped up a few times. 

We found out when I was just 4 weeks & thought that keeping it a secret for 8 wouldn't be that hard but it has felt like forever.

Luckily, for the first 6-7 weeks, I didn't really have that many symptoms & kept thinking the pregnancy test was lying to me. I first thought I was pregnant because my stomach felt ridiculously bloated but a different kind of bloat that I was used to. It was also rock hard & didn't seem to be going anywhere. As I was due my period, I was really confused as to whether it was just that as my breasts were also giving me some horrendous pain so I hung on in there for a couple days to see what happened. I felt tired every now & again but I'm always sleepy & if you know me well, you know I like to be tucked up in bed by 9pm ready to drift into the land of nod so I really struggled to differentiate normal sleepiness & pregnant sleepiness.

If you're a pregnancy blogger or reader then you know what's coming next...

1. How far along?
13 weeks + 5 days

2. Size of baby

3. Sleep (first trimester)
I have found it harder to sleep through the night whereas before, I slept like a baby. I wake up from being uncomfortable, too hot & needing the toilet. It's not every night so I just have to deal with it as & when really!

4. Any cravings? (first trimester)
Anything bad for me which I know I shouldn't allow myself to stuff my face with but I really can't help it! The 2 things that are top of my list are; Nesquik cereal & poptarts

5. Gone off anything? (first trimester)
Yes, meat! Completely despise it at the minute which if you know me, is very odd. I love pretty much every meat & couldn't imagine a meal without it. The other is eggs. Even writing the word makes me feel queasy! 

6. Any symptoms? (first trimester)
To begin with, I felt so bloated! That was one of the reasons I thought I might be pregnant in the first place but this has gone down a little now unless I eat a large meal. I also had really sore breasts during the first 2 months but luckily, this has passed which I'm very grateful about. Another "symptom" would be needing to wee during the night which I have never had before & I am also a bit of a cow at the minute. My poor husband gets the majority of it & I feel bad even when I am being a cow but for some reason, just can't stop! Let's hope that diminishes in the next couple weeks! The last & definitely least favourite of my symptoms has been the nausea! I suffer with nausea in general life anyway but this is just so much worse. Some days I feel great & others, I just want to cry & curl up. I have found though, it is worse when I am starting to get peckish so I have kept a supply of snacks on hand ready to assist!

7. What I miss (first trimester)
I really miss sleeping on my front & back as I didn't really have a sleeping position, i would tend to change it up each night but now it's side, side, side & it's already getting boring... Only 6 months to go!! I'm also missing drinking as much tea as I like as I'm trying to keep an eye on my caffeine levels & also really missing shellfish!

8. What I'm looking forward to
I'm actually really looking forwards to my 16 week midwife appointment just to find more information out & see what happens really

Well, that's it for the first trimester. It's been a little rocky but not actually too bad - make sure you keep checking back for further pregnancy updates!