Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Baby Shower

So we've started with the hen parties & weddings but within my friendship group, this is the first baby shower. Being my OCD organised self, I opted the plan the event along with my friend & I'm so happy I did. It was so much fun deciding what we were going to do & researching all things baby.

The whole thing turned out just as we imagined it! We pictured this real "Pinteresty" vibe with our theme being grey & peach (my friend doesn't know the sex of the baby) & bought all the right things but we were really nervous that we wouldn't pull it off & it would look like Pinterest gone bad. Luckily, the only thing that didn't go too well was the balloons that we blew up the night before with helium & then I came down in the morning to a bunch of deflated lumps on the floor.

As it was the first baby shower to plan, I scoured the internet for games to play & what kind of food & drink we could provide. There are so many great ideas out there but when you're looking for something within budget, you have to discount quite a few. In the end, we opted for;

1. Guess the due date
2. Guess the gender
3. Guess the weight
4. Guess the size of Na's bump
5. Blind folded nappy changing
6. Decorate a baby onesie 

Blind folded nappy changing was definitely a highlight of the day keeping us giggling for hours!

We wanted to keep the food simple & straight forward so we chose to have a afternoon tea style lunch. Sandwiches, quiches & cakes were provided along with various salads, crisps & snacks however, the main event was the still raspberry lemonade we'd made which everyone was hooked on.

Finally, before the end of the day, we gave our lovely mum-to-be her present which was a hamper full of pressies for both her & baby which let's be honest, she'll probably never use those for her because once the little monster comes along, she won't be able to find the time.

It was so nice to have almost all of my friends back in Nottingham to celebrate the baby shower & after everyone left, I felt so warm & smiley.

I can't wait to meet the little bubba!!