Sunday, 6 December 2015

November Favourites

The festive favourites are slowly showing for November so keep an eye out for next month's where they will be all over the place!!

1. Marks & Spencer's Boots

A lovely little surprise from the hubby for getting a promotion & work & now featured in my favourites! These boots are so comfy even though they have a decent sized heel. M&S have definitely upped their game & I am loving it!

2. Soap & Glory Eye Pencil

Soap & Glory isn't usually a brand that I would choose for my makeup but I was bought a set of eye pencils a while back as a gift. I only started to use these when my usual MAC eye pencil ran out but now I am loving it! It stays on for so long & is really good for smudging. 

3. Short Hair

Time for a change & a chop. 

4. Tartan

I think at this time every year I bring out the tartan skirt in full force. I am obsessed with tartan & anything festive. I mean, as I type I am sitting in my tartan pyjama's... 

5. Protein Pancakes

When Stephen first suggested these, I didn't really like the idea of them but actually they are super delicious! Add in a glug of maple syrup & I'm good to go.


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