Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Makeup Storage

My makeup storage is definitely something I've been working on for years & I'm finally happy with what I now have. I've gone from having it in boxes to being in drawers & sitting on the floor to now having a beautiful dressing table where I can be comfortable & fully enjoy putting my makeup on.

I love seeing other people's makeup storage & collection so I thought that I would share mine :)

I love how my dressing table is set up. I have the IKEA Malm Dressing Table & the Nils Stool. My skincare & makeup brushes are easily accessible & all of my makeup products are safely hidden away :)

Square brush holder - MUJI
Circular brush holder - MUJI

In the first two boxes (which are MUJI for anyone who is wondering) are my foundations, concealers, bronzers, highlighters & powders. My favourites at the minute are the YSL foundation on the left & the Prep & Prime MAC powder on the right.

We then move onto primers, eyeshadows & brow products. Having a variety of primers always helps me (as you will have read during previous posts that I've had a love/hate relationship) because I can choose which primer (if any) suits my makeup that day. I also love having millions of eyeshadow palette's so that I can try a different look each day :)

In the middle are lots of mascara's & eyeliners of different shapes, sizes & colours. I frequently change my mind on which mascara & eyeliner are my favourites so I always think it's good to have a few options!

And finally, at the end are all of my lip products. I love having a variety of balms, glosses & lipsticks in the mix as it depends on my mood as to what to wear!

It's currently a bit messy as I've recently bought a load of new stuff & had to quickly find room for it all but I'm hoping to sort it all out when summer is over & I change my most used products around.

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Dainty Bride xx

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