Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Cakes Galore!

Cakes are definitely one of the more exciting parts of planning a wedding! Having a reason to research & eat lots of different cake is enough to make any bride happy :)

I found that choosing our cake was pretty simple. Having been to a few weddings I'd already decided what I definitely didn't want for my own.
I always find that you can go a bit crazy with your cake & no one bats an eyelid! Although some of us do like to keep it plain & classic.

One decision to make earlier on is what type of cake you'd like it to be. The typical wedding cake has 3 layers & quite often has sponge, chocolate & fruit cake in whichever order is your preference. But just because that's what you hear, doesn't mean you need to abide!
You could go all out & have red velvet sponge, rainbow sponge, lemon sponge, coffee sponge... the possibilities are endless!! If however, you want to please the majority of your guests, a classic Victoria sponge won't let you down.

Once decided on the inside of the cake, you then need to think about the design & the way its decorated. Do you want tiers? Cupcakes? Square? Pyramid? Etc etc...
The designing of the cake was for me, the hardest decision of all those cake related. These days, you can have pretty much anything you like so have a good look around on Pinterest to get some ideas :)

Have a look on my Pinterest page for some ideas!

Here are some of the different cake designs you might see out there which are from an amazing cake shop called 'Maisie Fantaisie.' You can also find them on twitter at @maisiefantaisie

1. Iced Cakes



2. Chocolate Cakes


3. Individual Cakes



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Dainty Bride xx

(All of the pictures from this post are kindly from the Maisie Fantaisie Wedding Cake website)