Wednesday, 9 July 2014

June Favourites

Finally some warmer, sunnier weather :) My June favourites definitely reflect this! 

(Ps. All of the pictures have direct links in case you see something you love!!)

1. Triangl bikini

Ever since I got my Triangl bikini the other week I have been LOVING it! It's so bright & summery but also so comfy because of the material. This is definitely a bikini that I'll keep for many summers to come!

2. RayBan Aviator

I have been wanting some Ray Bans for so long but didn't really want to pay out £150 when I knew I was coming to America & could get them a lot cheaper :) I love them so much, they fit so well, don't feel like they'll fall off when I move my head & are really good protection for my eyes! 

3. Almond Milk

I'm not really much of a milk fan anyways as I only ever really use it for making a cup of tea but since I've been in America visiting my fiancé, I've switched to almond milk as he prefers it. I've been pleasantly surprised & actually love adding it to my tea :) might have to start using it back in the UK now!!

4. Hollister Flip Flops

I bought a pink pair of these the last time I was in America & they were sooo comfy. So seeing as I'm back & they have a sale yet again I thought I would buy a new pair. I love these flip flops as I feel like they're almost acceptable with a nicer outfit... Maybe that's just me! 

Ever since I found this blog via Pinterest I have been loving their DIY Wedding Posts but this month  more than others! I go on a daily basis to have a look for any DIY ideas I can find for my own wedding. This blog is definitely worth a visit if your a bride-to-be like me.

6. Edamame Beans

Why can't we get these easily in the UK?! Well I can't find them anywhere so if anyone knows somewhere I can buy lots of edname beans in the UK then please let me know :) I love edamame! It's such a good & healthy snack which is perfect for that summer 'bikini body' we all wish for ;)

I have been loving my t-shirt bra this month. I mean it's not the most 'sexy' of bras but its just so damn comfy. I always go for comfort with underwear otherwise I spend my whole day getting agitated & annoyed so will definitely be getting a few more of these.

8. Abercombie Print Trousers

Going along with the comfort theme, these Abercombie trousers are ridiculously comfy! It's like wearing pjs when your out and about. They're really versatile too as I can dress them up or down depending where I want to wear them.

9. Travel Sized Games

Seeing as I've been travelling around America this month with my fiancé, I have rediscovered my love for travel sized games. We've loved being able to play Monopoly on our travels & I really want to purchase some more!

10. YSL Foundation

Even though this was in my April Favourites I am STILL loving this foundation! It's definitely beaten all the other foundations I've ever had & thats saying a lot. Just go & buy it, you won't regret it!

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