Sunday, 27 July 2014

Party Into The Night

The evening of your wedding is definitely the party section & gives you a lot more room to be creative! These days there are a million & 1 things that you can do that it can be hard to choose just a few. These 5 ideas are definitely a few of my favourite!

1. Sweet cart

This idea is being used a lot more these days & even the venues are jumping on the band wagon & including it as a part of their packages. Even though it is more popular, I still really like the idea. It's a good way to keep people from being hungry at any point as they can have a quick nibble & it's also really exciting for any children in the wedding party.


You always need some sort of music to get people partying all night long so whether its a DJ blasting out some well known hits or your favourite songs being played by an acoustic guitar. Both have their pros & both have their cons, so it's up to you as a couple to decide which is best for you & your wedding.

3. Photo Booth

Even though you may have already decided on a "official" photographer I also think a photo booth is a great idea. You can get some amazing pictures of your guests with funny props on pulling crazy faces to add to your wedding collection that you may not get with a photographer in their face.

4. Outdoor games

Hopefully the weather will be good to you & mean that you can spend a bit of time outdoors. I guess this idea is mainly for summer weddings but if your lucky, you may be able to do this at any time of year! Getting some sort of "giant" jenga, skittles or twister will bring everyones inner child out :) It will also keep those kiddiwinks busy & entertained for hours on end!

5. Cocktail bar

This may not be to everyone's taste but having a cocktail bar would be really fun. It would add some excitement to your guests drinks as they watch the bar tenders throw & create a spectacle with the drinks :)

Hopefully these ideas will be something that you consider for your wedding! Let me know if you choose one :)

Thank you for reading

Dainty Bride xx