Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tartan Inspiration

I absolutely love tartan! Even when it's not wintery or Christmassy I want to wear it all the time! You can just never get enough tartan :)

(I even wore tartan for our engagement party!)

When my fiancé and I were planning the theme for our wedding, we went through so many different colours. One of the themes that we very nearly went with was tartan. The main reason we decided not to was because we're having a summer wedding & I didn't think it would fit too well with the surroundings :) If, however, we were having a winter wedding, the theme would definitely have been tartan!

I've found so many pictures on Pinterest of different ways to incorporate tartan into your wedding so I thought I'd show you a small collage that I created on my phone!


Top left - Add a tartan ribbon to your bouquet. You could also add it to your flower girl & bridesmaids bouquets as well as using tartan for the groomsmen's boutonniere's.

Centre top - I love the idea of having tartan blankets around so that people can go outside & use them to keep warm

Top right - This waistcoat is perfect! I love waistcoats at the best of times, but having a tartan theme makes it all the more special

Bottom left - The place setting above has slightly more tartan than I would use for a place setting but I still think it's really cute & Christmassy!

Centre bottom - This tartan jacket is perfect for those of you who are having a winter wedding & don't want to freeze or look blue on your wedding pictures

Bottom right - I feel like the tartan ribbon on this cake is really classy & simple. The cake itself is so plain & the ribbon just gives it some extra umph! 

*Obviously all of these tartans are different colours & patterns so you would probably want to make sure that you can get enough of the perfect pattern and colour that you want for your wedding before starting to purchase it!*


Left - These lanterns are so 'pinterest.' I just love them! They would be perfect in a church alongside the chairs where your guests would be sitting. You could then also move them to the reception area for lighting or picture purposes. These would be a perfect DIY budget job as well :)

Middle - I love this type of menu/place setting design as its really simple, clean & not too big or small. Added with the tartan, I think it makes a beautiful setting

Right - This flask would be a perfect gift for the groomsmen, keeping with the theme

Thank you for reading

Dainty Bride xx

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