Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bridesmaids Dresses

I've always been a bit nervous about starting to look for bridesmaids dresses. Everyone always dreads the bridesmaids dress as there's a myth that they're always really ugly & hideous! It's also really hard to find a style that suits everyone as well because your not going to have 2 or 3 bridesmaids that have the exact same body shape!

 I really didn't want one of the usual styles as I always think they look a tad cheap, so I set myself a mission to find a list of bridesmaids dresses that weren't hideous :) 
(In my opinion)

Here's what I found…

First stop on the online searching was Coast

I was pleasantly surprised with the range they had to offer, especially as there are a lot of spring colours at the moment which are a favourite of mine right now!

This dress is perfect for a summer wedding. It's a gorgeous mint green colour & I think it's very different to others I've seen because of the halter neck style.

If you've read my 'April Favourites' blog post you will probably already know that I love yellow and this dress is no exception! It's a perfect shade of yellow for a bridesmaids dress as it won't be too bright in photo's but isn't too pale that it'll be washed out!


I love this 'tea dress' style with the lace over the bodice. Lace is so stunning & if your having lace on your wedding dress, it might be a nice idea to have the lace matching with your bridesmaids. I also absolutely love this colour!

This dress is so stunningly classic. I can imagine this dress is one that would suit most body shapes & seems perfect for a winter wedding because of the dark colour. 

I then went onto House of Fraser so that I could see a variety of brands at the same time. 


This isn't a usual colour that I would like but I actually really like it! It would be a nice colour to match with your colour scheme of the wedding & is quite a similar style to the 'Lilly Anna Dress' from Coast. 

My favourite part of this dress is the back with the criss cross design. I really love the bright pink colour & I can imagine this dress being worn for a beach wedding :)

John Lewis was my next click. Another website where you can easily search for multiple brands!

These pictures definitely don't do this dress or the colour justice! It's called 'peony pink' and I just think it's a gorgeous colour! I love the floaty skirt on this dress with the fitted top as well as the mesh insert near the neckline! 

Finally, I went onto a website called 'Kelsey Rose' which is a website I came across & I'm glad I did. It's slightly harder to find these dresses if you want to buy one as they don't sell them online, they just put a select few into different retail stores but with a quick email to the stores you'll soon find the dress you desire! 
One thing that I love about this website is that each dress is available in a variety of colours so you can hopefully match a style to your theme :)


Again, I love the back of this dress & the colour. I always really love the gathered material around the bodice. 

This is such an unusual colour for a bridesmaids dress but I actually really like it! The colour is called 'Honeydew' & I think it works really well with the lace on the dress. Once more, I love the back & the dress itself is perfect! It's a very fitted dress so may not suit all but I don't see you can't try them on! You never know :) 

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of some bridesmaids dresses that aren't all a typical style that you'd expect to see!

I hope you've enjoyed this post - let me know of any other websites where I can find dresses

Thank you for reading

Dainty Bride xx

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