Monday, 5 May 2014

April Favourites

Now we're at the beginning of May & I've only recently started my blog, I thought I would write an April favourites for you all!

This isn't strictly bridal or beauty or fashion, just a bit of a mix of everything :)

I absolutely love yellow! Before last year I was too scared to wear yellow, being ginger and all. I didn't think it would suit me. I found a top last summer in Zara & I just thought "why not?" So, ever since then, I've just wanted to buy everything yellow! I saw this coat in Zara and fell madly in love :) It's so classy & cut beautifully yet really bright. It makes me happy every time I look at it. (I realise I have problems!) It's really versatile too because I can dress it down with jeans and a simple top or really dress it up for an evening outfit with heels & smarter clothes! Perfect for the Spring to Summer weather

I really wanted to try a new high end foundation & one of my close friends recommended the YSL Youth Liberator. It feels so soft on your skin & also looks so natural which is perfect for the "no makeup, makeup look." The shade I have is BR 20 & it matches me perfectly which is usually something that I struggle with as I am really pale but get lots of freckles in the summer. I love wearing this foundation during the day as I feel like my skin can still breathe!

I've had this shampoo for a few months now & I don't think I'll ever go back. I have the 'Coco de creme' range which smells divine! I feel like it makes my hair look & feel luxurious & that it's better for it than some of the less expensive brands. This may not be the case but I'm well & truly in love with this shampoo. I need to purchase the conditioner as soon as payday comes around!

Again, this isn't specifically something I have started using this month but it's such a staple in my beauty regime. Because of where I work, I can't wear bright colour nail polish but I hate wearing no polish at all so this is the perfect colour for just that! I find the applicator brush is really easy to use & is the right size making it easy to apply the polish. I also find that Essie nail polishes last quite well too which is always a bonus as I hate buying a nail varnish colour I love, only for it to chip an hour later :(

I bought these jeans as a small pick me up after a recent operation. They were definitely one of the best buys I've done in a while. I haven't bought jeans from Topshop in over 2 years as I always felt they never fitted me properly & weren't overly comfy. This pair however, are slightly high waisted so fit me really well & are a really soft denim which means I can even chill in them at home without getting uncomfortable. Like my Zara coat, I can dress these down with a top & converse or add some heels to be able to wear them in the evening.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest has been my best friend over the last couple of months. Ever since I got engaged, I've been loving adding ideas to my 'Wedding Board' as well as discovering new and exciting ideas & DIY's from other Pinterester's (new creation of a word there.) I just love Pinterest! If I have some ingredients I want to use up I just head to Pinterest & voila I have a recipe! If I have an item of clothing I don't want to throw away but don't know what to wear it with, I search on Pinterest & voila, I have a new outfit! It's definitely been a great help discovering what sort of wedding I would like :) 

7. Aubergine

As you will have realised from my 'A Healthy Bride' post I have a real love for aubergine. It is so versatile & tastes really good. I just want to use it for everything! And I mean the best part about loving it, is that it's healthy :)

8. Exploring

During April I had a real urge to do lots of exploring to various places I'd never visited before. I had such a great time, learning new facts, discovering beautiful places & doing it with people I love. Mid-April is when the exploring began with Southwell. I went there initially to talk wedding & ended up seeing quite a bit of Southwell which is a very beautiful place! I then went to the Cotswolds with my friends & got to visit Broadway & Stratford. Again, stunning places with lots of history. Towards the end of April I went to Lincoln & Haddon Hall too which was so interesting!



Haddon Hall

9. Blazers

I've recently re-discovered my love for blazers! Now that the weather is getting a little better, I'll be able to whip them out even more. I think I have 4 now which are all completely different but so useful for a little cover up if it's still a bit chilly or if your out all day & it's going to cool down later on. I also love using them to smarten up an outfit :)







Jack Wills

10. Jo Malone 'Pomegranate Noir' Perfume

My fiancĂ© bought this perfume for me as a leaving gift before he moved to the USA & it smells incredible! For some reason I feel really "grown up" when I wear this because it's completely different to any other perfume I've owned. It's also really versatile because I feel like I can wear it day or night & it seems to be a good lasting perfume too as I've already used it loads but it's barely used any! Yay :)

So there you have my April Favourites! Let me know if you'd like this to be a monthly post?

Thank you for reading

Dainty Bride xx

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