Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bloggers: My Top Ten

I absolutely love reading blogs! They give me so many ideas, a good laugh & can also teach me new tricks too! Bonus :)

Here's a list of my top 10 favourite bloggers at the moment. Some of them are really well known & some not as much but they're all incredible bloggers! 

I love Tanya's blog. It's so down to earth & she blogs about such a variety of things that it keeps it really interesting. I've been reading Tanya's blog for a couple of years now & it's so amazing to see how much she's achieved! 

I only found Niomi's blog within the last year but it's quickly become one of my favourites! I absolutely love her outfit posts which quite often give me ideas to either buy something I've been wanting or to re-use something in my wardrobe. I've also discovered a few healthy recipes on her blog which are now a weekly occurrence in my evening meals. 

Again, Rosie's blog is another new discovery but I can't stop looking at her travel pictures. They make me want to explore the whole world. Her pictures of food also make me want to try each one as I'm massively into finding amazing food & restaurants :)

I only found Hannah's blog when 'Zoella' mentioned her but I'm so glad I have. Her blogs about her little family are so cute & she seems like such a nice & genuine person. I really like her makeup tutorials & reviews as well as her weekly vlogs on her YouTube channel.

Vivianna's blog is the place to go when I want to find a new beauty product or read a review about something I really want to buy. I completely trust her for some reason & she never fails to disappoint. I've bought plenty of new products because she's recommended them (easily influenced obviously!) I also really love her weekly vlogs as well :)

Caroline's blog is like my skin bible. I couldn't live without it! I am now OCD about skincare & don't want to put anything on my face if I don't know what the ingredients are! Everything she says is completely true & all makes sense. She doesn't confuse you with fancy terminology & also has a good sense of humour! 

7. Lily Pebbles

I'm loving reading Lily's blog at the moment with the variety of fashion, beauty & lifestyle that she writes about. She offers some great advice & is always really honest!

This blog is amazing! I love anything DIY even if I can't do it myself. I love to read through all of the ideas, especially the DIY wedding as it's really helped me with my own wedding planning :)

One of my favourite things about Olivia's blog is her layout & design. It's so different to others I've seen, draws me in & makes me want to improve mine! (ALOT!) I love reading her style & fashion blogs.

Last but not least, Cupcakes & Cashmere. The name alone just pulls me in; cashmere, oh so soft & cupcakes = delicious! I love the organisation of her blog, with it being so easy to find something you want to read even though for me, that's most of the blog! Always a good read on a lazy Sunday morning.

I read so many more blogs but these are definitely the top ten that I always look out for & can't miss a post! 

Do you have a top 10? If so, what are they?

Thank you for reading

Dainty Bride xx