Sunday, 20 April 2014

Your Photographer

It's time to start thinking about the photographer that you want 

(that's if you want one)


This can be a really tricky task as you want to make sure they have what you want in mind & are going to produce some amazing pictures of the day you'll never want to forget!

You don't have to choose your photographer as early as I am (I'm getting married next September) but I just felt that once I'd researched a lot of photographers, I wanted to have it all booked so that I didn't have something to worry about closer to the time. Maybe that's just my inner organised freak coming out :)

My fiancĂ© and I hadn't even discussed a photographer before going to a wedding fayre at Norwood Park in Southwell as we have a family friend who is a photographer so we always thought we'd use him. However, after going to the wedding fayre and meeting a photographer we felt that we'd rather have someone who does it for a living as they will know what to do & what shots to get & it'll be one less thing to stress about on the day!


Anyway, enough of the blabbing… 

Here's a few photographers that I researched on the internet

They all looked beautiful & also quite different in styles but in the end we chose to go with a lady called Helen King. She was the photographer that we originally met at Norwood Park Wedding Fayre & we just loved all the photos that we'd seen & the style that she shoots - You should definitely check her out!


1. Decide if you would like a photographer

(It can be quite a large expense)

2. Decide what sort of style you'd like the pictures to be shot in

3. Go onto google & research plenty of photographers in & around your area. You can also go to plenty of wedding fayres where you'll be able to meet & chat to the photographers yourself to get a better idea of what they're like!

4. Get in touch with them ASAP! Like the venue, they get booked up pretty quickly so you don't want to be disappointed

5. Pay a deposit to secure your desired photographer

Once you've booked your photographer you will get the chance to meet up with them for a meeting to discuss what you want & what they can offer (you may also get to have some coffee & cake!! Delicious.) This is the chance for you to explain exactly what you want in terms of style. For example if you wanted something a lot more casual with them just taking shots of people talking & enjoying themselves or if you wanted something more formal & structured with them asking specific people to come into a picture & making people stand in specific places! Whatever you want, they'll be happy to do - with their own ideas as well obviously :)

Thanks for reading

Dainty Bride xx

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