Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Tea & Cake

There's nothing better than going for some tea & cake in a cute little cafe on a miserable morning :) definitely cheers me up that's for sure!! This Tuesday my mum & I went to a little place in 'Bingham' called 'The Picture Cafe.' I've only ever been once before with my fiancĂ© & we felt that it was quite a find with so many different options on the menu as well as being really cute so I thought i'd show my mum this new treasure :)

Here are some pictures of our morning out;

(ps. My pictures definitely don't do it justice but there are some really nice ones on their website!)

The front of the cafe where you can sit outside when it's beautifully sunny!

The inside of the cafe is really cool, modern yet quite vintage too! There's also lots of pictures - hence the name 'The Picture Cafe'

Excuse the lamp reflection in this one, I just LOVED this quote! If you know me, you'll understand why :) 

"Nobody plans to fail… they just fail to plan"

The menu is amazing, there's so much to choose from & they also cater for gluten free people as well which is always nice as I have a friend who is gluten free & always struggles to find something on a menu!

They also had a good selection of teas including some rather unusual ones (& I love 'tea pigs') 

I love the way this place is kitted out, it's all so convenient with everything to hand & also fits in so well with the rest of the decor!

I love this cup with the name of the cafe on it :)

Mmmmm peppermint tea!

As well as the menu, they also had a board of specials & food for you to choose at the counter which is always my downfall as I see cake & want it!!

Chocolate & caramel crispy cake

Bakewell slice

Me & my tea :)

Mamma Franklin :)

We had such a lovely morning relaxing here & having a beverage!

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Dainty Bride xx

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