Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Wedding Dress

I could literally spend hours & hours looking at different wedding dresses online so I decided to do a top 10 of different styles for all you brides to be :) 

Most of these dresses are really expensive as they are designed by some amazing designers but I always find looking at these is a good idea even if you can't fit them into your budget as you can get so many ideas of what you want!!

(These aren't in a particular order)

1. Pronovias - 'Lacinne' (2014 collection)

This tulle wedding dress has silver & mother-of-pearl embroidery. It has a beautiful v-neck as well as a bow at the front of the skirt. I absolutely love this style! It looks so elegant & classy :)

2. Naomi Neoh - 'Fleur' (Secret Garden Collection)

This dress is stunning! It is definitely one of my top 3 dresses! This dress is inspired by the 1950's classic styles that were worn by Audrey Hepburn. This dress is also perfect for those brides who want a change of outfit for the evening as the reverse french lace jacket can be removed as well as the sash which will give the dress a completely different look! Talk about a multi-tasking dress :)

3. Naomi Neoh - 'Clementine' (Secret Garden Collection)

This dress is quite similar to number 2 in the skirt as it's very flowy (is that even a word?)  & the main difference being that there isn't a full lace top. This dress would be perfect for a summer wedding as it looks really cooling & easy going. It may also be suitable for those who are going abroad as the material looks lighter than others I've seen.

4. Naomi Neoh - 'Beatrix' (Love Letters Collection)

This bridal gown is so sophisticated & elegant that it makes me want to cry! This dress is inspired by the 1930's which is obvious by the vintage detailing on the back of the dress. This isn't a dress i'd have even considered for myself but it just makes you want to try it on!!!

5. Vera Wang - 'Josephine' (Autumn 2012 Collection)

This dress isn't your typical bridal gown as, well, let's all state the obvious… it's black!! For some reason, I still think its gorgeous & just so different but in a good way. The low back makes the dress really sexy & sophisticated yet from the front it looks really fairytale-esque. It almost reminds me of a disney bridal dress! I feel like this dress is for those who want to shock & don't like the "traditional" route :)

6. Coast  - 'Serene Maxi Dress'

This wedding dress is one for all us budgeters out there :) I stumbled across this beauty on Coast's website & just thought it was so clean, simple & most of all, affordable!! 
It's really feminine & graceful in the design & will really flatter a bride with the waist being defined.

7. Sassi Holford - 'Bluebell' 

The detail on this dress is beautiful with the bodice of mini-flower appliqué which gives it texture & makes it stand out! I also think its a dress that almost matches the 'fairytale wedding dress' that some of us always dreamed of :) & the satin ribbon gives the dress some more shape as well. You could even change the ribbon to suit your colour theme.

8. BHS - 'Grace'

This dress is definitely another dress that you can get with a small budget & with it being from BHS, it's easily accessible. The lace detail at the top really reminds me of the wedding dress that Princess Kate wore at her wedding. It doesn't look as well fitted as some of the more expensive dresses but I feel that you can always go to a dress fitter & ask them to fit it properly once you've bought it!

9. Maggie Sottero - 'Dalton'

This dress is absolutely beautiful! The lace makes it so classy yet because it's fitted I feel like it looks really sexy as well. The lace is all sequinned which would be amazing if the sun came out as you would sparkle all day long :)

10. Maggie Sottero - 'Marianne'

This dress isn't usually a style that I like but I feel like rather than it being a harsh mermaid effect, its more subtle and elegant. I love how it has a light pink colour running through it as well so its not completely white! 

So there you have it :) a list of 10 wedding dress styles! All beautiful in different ways :) 

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