Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Wedding Dress | The Making Of

This post has been a long time coming & I am so excited to share it with you! By now you may or may not have already seen the finished dress on various social media sites but I really wanted to share the transformation & journey with you.

Apologies for the rubbish quality of pictures, these are however the best of a bad bunch!

So last August, I spent many a time in bridal shops trying on various dresses. I knew I was going to have it made but needed to find a style I liked & suited. I must have tried about 50 dresses on in total as at first I was trying to find parts that I loved rather than a dress itself. A little while later I found a dress I loved & headed over to the dress shop.

I showed her the design, she made a sketch & we tweaked a fair few bits. A couple of months later I was back to try on the first part of my dress. She'd told me not to get too excited as there wouldn't be much but let's face it, how could I not?! However, she was right. The above picture was my dress.

A few weeks later I was back again & this time I had a skirt! I was so excited but couldn't understand how this would turn into the amazing dress we'd decided on.

Each time I went to the bridal shop, a little bit had been added & I was starting to understand the process. 

The first time I properly felt like this would be my wedding dress was when she added the beautiful pieces of lace to the skirt. It really lifted the material & I was so impatient to see the rest of it!

As the wedding came closer, she started to add all the individual pieces of lace onto the bodice & my gosh it was breathtaking & so talented!

After a year in the making, the dress was finally complete & I was unbelievably happy with it. It was even better than I remembered & fitted me perfectly.


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