Wednesday, 14 October 2015

September Favourites

Seeing as I've recently moved into our very first home together, this months favourites have managed to become fairly homeware based. I mean, it was bound to happen at some point with all the wish lists & that!

1. The White Company Diffuser

As we've been doing our house up, it really smelt of plaster, paint, gloss etc etc. Whilst we were away for Stephen's birthday in Bath, we nipped into The White Company & just happened to leave with this divine fresh fig diffuser which I can't get enough of. I'm already dreading the day the scent dies out.

2. Biscuit Mugs

I found these in Tesco when I wasn't even looking for homeware. See, I'm just drawn to it! But seriously, how great are these mugs? I love the little puns & they make me smile every time I have a brew.

3. Jack Wills Spray

I picked this up in Boots & was pleasantly surprised by the fresh scent. Quite often, clothing brands that then bring out scents can be very fruity & sickly but this is the opposite of that. I know it's not to everyone's taste but I'm a fan.

4. Nespresso Coffee Machine

Ever since my dad got one of these for Christmas last year, I have been so envious. I love coffee, so being able to make lattes, americanos & cappuccinos in my own house is just brilliant.

5. Aesop Hand Soap

I mean, when would you ever spend this much money on a hand soap? Only if it's Aesop because my god it's amazing. The texture, scent, packaging. Love love love it all!

6. ASOS Jeans

I bought these a while back but recently I have found myself picking them up a whole lot more. They're so comfy & really give a relaxed sort of look. Perfect for day time casual.

7. Coconut Oil

Smells divine. Tastes divine. Better for you. What more can I say?!


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