Sunday, 25 October 2015

Champneys | A New Start

If you've recently popped into your local Boots store, you will have noticed that the spa brand Champneys has had a re-vamp & completely changed their look.

Gone are the dated looking packs that don't have a sense of continuity & in come the bright, colourful & fashionable products!

If I'm honest, I've never taken any notice of Champneys to the extent that I wasn't really aware of the brand itself. This re-vamp has definitely changed my perception of the products which I guess is what they were after.

Each colour offers a different fragrance & within that colour range you have a variety of products on offer. Some colours providing more than others. However, these products are definitely my favourites.

Summer Dream

Rewarding Salt Scrub | Rewarding Bubble Heaven | Rewarding Shower

The 'Summer Dream' scent is a real fruity one bursting with peach, mango, orange & passionfruit. It is the perfect scent of summer as the name states & keeps that season alive during those dark winter months. I love this pink colour with darker script & the gold foiling really adds more of a prestige feel to it.

Citrus Blush

Now this is my favourite scent by a long way. It is enriched with scents of lemon & orange but personally, I smell cola bottle sweets. Yes, that's right! It's a perfect wake up call each morning & the bright yellow packaging certainly helps to up your spirits.

 Heavenly Days

If you're looking for a product to relax & unwind with then this is it. Using lavender, geranium & chamomile, this product will soothe you into a deep sleep! 

Cloud Nine

Everyone loves to indulge in a pamper session & this range will definitely be of use. You'll notice scents of plum & orange as well as vanilla which will leave you feeling soothed & pampered.

Having used all of the products, the shower gels & body lotions are definitely my favourite. They feel great on my skin & the scent really holds. A great thing about this new range is the price. It's pretty reasonable for what you get & the products last well too.

If you haven't already, make sure you head over to your nearest Boots to take a look!

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