Sunday, 13 September 2015

August Favourites

Somehow, I managed to miss out a July favourites... not sure how I did that but it happened. Oh well, onto the next.

1. iPhone 6

Sad I know. But since I got my new phone, I have been loving it. I'm not usually too fussed with phones but everything about it is better & it's sleek & simple.
2. Office Shoes

I bought these pretty much exactly a year ago but recently I have been loving them again. To say how vicious they look, they're super comfortable & go with pretty much every outfit. If only I could afford the real deal (someone please buy me these!!)

3. Soap & Glory Eye Pencil

I'm usually faithful to my MAC pencil liner but having lost my sharpener, I pulled this out of makeup drawer. It's such a great smudging pencil but also lasts really well for a sharp look too.

4. Indeed Labs Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue

Love, love love this! If only it didn't come with such a hefty price tag for an eye product!

5. Mulberry Clutch

This beauty has been a favourite of mine for a long long time. It's the perfect combination of beauty & practicality. I love the dark blue & rose gold combo as well as the compactness. I have been absolutely abusing this during August & will continue to for September!

6. Topshop Shirt Dress

Another perfect combination but this time, comfort & style. This Topshop number has seen me through summer & I'm still loving it.

7. Too Faced Bronzer

During August, I have gone through a dewy, highlighted & contoured phase & this bronzer has definitely helped me along the way. I was given this product as a gift but due to my natural pastiness it was too dark for me so instead, I decided it would be a useful contour tool.


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