Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Countdown

So it's officially the countdown to the wedding... We've got five weeks to go & I know it's going to fly by. Who'd have thought that when we got engaged almost 19 months ago that we'd finally get to this point. It felt like a lifetime away & that it would never come around.

These last few weeks have flown by. Work is busy, we're renovating a house & the wedding is always there in the background & I wanted to write a post now before all the craziness starts as I know I won't have chance to soon.

I have absolutely loved planning my wedding. I'm not going to lie, it's been stressful at times & I've got so frustrated but it's been incredible! I love to plan everything & am super organised but I can imagine, even for the most un-organised person, it would be a dream organising your own wedding.

I've been able to choose everything that I want down to the design of the napkins & that's seriously getting into detail. I've designed my wedding dress & watched it being made from choosing the material, to having a bodice to now having it finished & looking beautiful & I can't wait to share it with you all. It's been such a big secret & I've really wanted to just shout it from the roof tops but I knew if I kept it a secret, it would be more exciting for everyone on the day.

Throughout this whole process, my favourite part has been choosing outfits for my bridesmaids, flower girls & page boy. I loved being able to buy them beautiful dresses & outfits that made them feel comfortable & excited for the day too. I've also loved doing anything bridal. Perfume shopping, decoration shopping, wedding ring shopping, wedding fayres. The lot!

Luckily, I've still got a few extra things to look forward to before the big day which is helping me not be too impatient! I've still got the hen party to go which has been organised by my sister & one of my really close friends, I have my hair trial & a final appointment at the florist.

I really have had the best time of my life planning this wedding & can't wait to top it with the wedding day itself & I hope that anyone else planning a wedding really enjoys this time as it soon flies by.

I've decided that I'm going to keep reminding myself of the below pointers to get me through the general wedding stress of the last few weeks & I hope they help you out too;

1. Stay calm & relaxed
2. Know that your family & friends are around to help you out
3. Don't stress on the day, there's nothing you can do about it then
4. Enjoy the final countdown especially with your fiancĂ© 

Another bit of advice that I would offer (I will also be doing this) is to enjoy your wedding eve & relax. I'm having my mum & bridesmaids over to indulge in some goodies, pop some champagne & watch some trashy movies; Bridesmaids & Bride Wars to be precise! 

What's been your favourite part of planning your wedding?

Make sure you tune in come October for lots of post wedding blogs & thank you for joining my journey down the aisle!


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