Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Groom

I suggested to Charlie when she started her blog I should do some guest blog posts from the male perspective of a wedding. But she didn't like that idea… yet here I am because she changed her mind (because I'm always right!).

I didn't know what to expect when we became engaged. 
People always tell you stories about 'Bridezilla', the Mother-in-Law from hell & how it becomes a nightmare just organising a wedding. Yet I feel pretty lucky. My job has taken me to Washington DC for the summer so I have left everything in my fiancé's capable hands and so far everything is going to plan with BOTH mothers being pretty helpful.

Being a Groom-to-be, I have not really had much to do (so far!), Charlie is extremely good at planning so she has been on top of everything. We also have the same vision for our wedding & have not had a single conversation longer than 5 minutes to agree on something, whether it be the colour scheme or the venue. Like I said, pretty lucky as not everyone has it so easy. I am sure when I move home I will be involved heavily in everything but for now, being a Groom is great!

The easiest thing to do as a groom is agree, because let's be honest… it isn't about us.