Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Review - Sat Bains

Just over a month ago, my fiancé & I went to a restaurant in Nottingham called 'Sat Bains.' It's a gorgeous restaurant with 2 michelin stars so it was a real treat to be able to go!

The food was absolutely delicious & I got to try some foods that I had never even thought of tasting before :)

Here's some of the pictures from the night so you can see just how amazing the food is!!

I apologise for the rubbish quality, I only had my iPhone & it was really dark in the restaurant :)

We had a 10 course tasting menu which is one of two menu's that they offer. The other is a 7 course menu with pretty much the same courses just a few less obviously!

This bread was delicious, especially the smaller piece which was black treacle :) mmmm tasty!

This course was a black truffle & egg dish which we ordered as an extra course as they were offering a few extra special courses as well :) fatties, I know!

This dish was my favourite I think which was called chicken muesli & was almost frozen but then kind of melted in your mouth. Sounds weird but trust me, it was so tasty.

I also loved this dish too as it came with a pot (picture below) that had smoked hay in so when you were eating the deer it felt like you were in a forest because of the different smells. AMAZING!

Me looking rather happy with my chocolate pudding which again, was amazing! It looked really dense & I thought "oh god, I'm never going to eat all this" but once you put a piece into your mouth it just disappeared. It was the weirdest yet coolest thing! And it was a chocolate orange flavour making it even more yummy.

After our amazing meal we got chatting to the manager (who was so lovely) about all things food! She then came back a few minutes later & asked us if we would like to come into the kitchen to meet everyone & Sat Bains too! Of course we said yes!! 

It was amazing to be in a kitchen with 2 michelin stars to see what goes on "behind the scenes" & it was lovely to be able to meet Sat Bains too. He signed a menu for us which is now a reminder of the great evening we had :)

If you have the opportunity to go to Sat Bains then GO! It really was amazing, the service was great, the food was amazing & you just can't stop eating until you feel like your going to explode, which I did!

Thank you for reading

Dainty Bride xx

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