Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Big Day | Hair & Makeup

I think deciding on my hair & makeup had to be one of the hardest decisions I made. I wanted to look flawless & natural but also wanted to have a slightly smokey eye. When it came to my hair I had decided on a neat but boho hair look. So you can imagine the trouble I had...

Like I said, initially I wanted a really boho hair look. I'd found a couple of examples on Pinterest that I loved & took them with me to my hair trial. We tried them all out but for some reason they just didn't look like I had imagined. Each time she completed one I found myself asking for it to be neater which was pushing further & further from my boho beauty.

We finally decided on something in between the two which I was extremely happy with. It was an up-do meaning that I wouldn't end up playing with it all day & was neat at the front but a little boho at the back.

My makeup was yet another tricky situation. I had my trial which was actually really good. She left & I was set on what I wanted. There were a few tweaks but easily done. It came to the day of the wedding, I had let the makeup artist know what I wanted for my bridesmaids & as soon as they were done, I completely changed my mind. I don't know why but I just knew I wasn't happy with what I had originally chosen.

Being the control freak that I am, I had to do my eyebrows but thankfully it was a good day & everything went to plan on that front. In the end, I went with a pinky/rose gold eye shadow with a slightly smokey feel. I also lined my lid & finished it off with subtle pink lips & highlighted cheeks.

Finally finished, I was so happy with how it all looked. Everything was perfect & actually better than I had pictured.


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