Sunday, 15 November 2015

Honeymoon | Rome

Planning a wedding, buying a house & working full time when your fiancé is living abroad is pretty stressful, let me tell you. When I realised I then needed to also organise & plan the honeymoon I almost when into meltdown.

Luckily, my lovely now husband stepped up & said he'd take on the challenge of organising the honeymoon & would keep it as a surprise.

The day we left for our honeymoon, he had organised a bunch of clues for me to work out on the drive down to the airport. I mean, it did take me a while to work out that flour & eggs make pasta even though it's my favourite food but I eventually got there & worked out that we were heading to Rome!

Rome is such a beautiful city. It's full of great architecture, history & food which made for such a special honeymoon spot. We spent 3 days exploring the monuments & city as well stuffing our faces with pasta & ice cream.

The only downside to this part of the honeymoon was that a lot of the main attractions were having maintenance. Every time we made our way to a monument, we'd find scaffolding but in the end it became a bit of a running joke which definitely contributed to our honeymoon memories.

I'm so happy that we got to explore Rome together & can't wait to re-visit to remember our trip. I'm already looking forward to the spaghetti vongole!

Having learnt that our honeymoon was a 2 part trip & that we would spend another week in Santorini was beyond exciting. I'd dreamt about the beautiful white hills & to actually stay there was perfect. 

Make sure you check in for the Santorini post!


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