Wednesday, 27 May 2015

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Back again & this time I have been asked to write another post based on my recent travels. Unfortunately, when I travel I don't get to spend all day every day immersing myself in the local culture as I'm usually working 8am-8pm (sometimes 7am-12pm). This most recent trip was to two places, Guangzhou in China and Hong Kong. My trip in to Guangzhou was a 3 day whirlwind of 7am-12pm days so maybe next time I will be able to explore some more so for now it's just Hong Kong.

Straight away let me tell you, Hong Kong is absolutely fantastic. It is a brilliant clash of East meets West, rich meets poor & culture meets hedonism. I was in awe most of the time I was there at how diverse it was, walking round the mix of people was fantastic. I would liken it to London in it's diversity but far more concentrated and with higher buildings. I did the usual tourist traps of Wan Chai, Star Ferry, The Peak & the shopping malls but I also wanted to try & experience some of the more local experiences. I find the best way to experience a place is through it's food, the highlight being sat at a communal table on my own with a variety of Chinese characters as we all ate Char Siu Pork and Roast Goose. A favourite was Kam's Roast Goose (my entire meal of four dishes and a beer cost £12), a michelin star restaurant similar to a canteen but with the best noodles you will ever eat, sunken in a bowl of goose fat and broth. Best thing about the food is you can eat at a michelin star restaurant for under £10 as well as for over £200, giving you everything you could ever want.

I didn't get a chance to see all that Hong Kong has to offer as I was there working but next time I definitely want to go to Temple Street Night Market, Happy Valley and also Lantau Island to see the Seated Buddha. If I were to recommend one thing in Hong Kong it is to walk; by walking you see the back alleys, the workers, the towering metropolis squeezed in between valleys and mountains. By getting the metro between the hotspots of activity you can fully appreciate all of Hong Kong and what it has to offer. 

My next trip isn't booked yet but I will likely be going out again before the summer ends so I will update you then!

 The view from Star Ferry across the Harbour

 The view from Star Ferry across the Harbour

 The view from Star Ferry across the Harbour

 The view from the World's Highest Bar, 118 floors up

 SOGO crossing, famous local meeting spot

 Dim Sum Lunch

 Jason Atherton's 22 Ships tapas bar 

 Junk Boat trip to watch the Harbour Light Show



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