Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Wedding Rings

Choosing your wedding rings is one part of being engaged that you don't really hear all that much about to be honest. Maybe it's because the ring isn't as sparkly or maybe it's because people don't really mention this during their "engagement" activities.

That said, it's very important!

Whether you want to spend £100 or £1000, you need to choose carefully & enjoy the experience. 

If you've seen "Bride Wars" with the amazing Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway then you'll probably know how they felt right about now. Stressed, tired, excited & not wanting to part with even more money.

My fiancé & I decided that we would make a day of buying our rings by heading to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham & stopping for a spot of lunch & a coffee. I mean, the latter had already made the day great so buying some shiny jewellery was only going to add to my mood.

Luckily for us, we knew exactly which shop we wanted to go to (where Stephen had bought my engagement ring) so off we popped & went straight on in there.  We're definitely "less is more" people when it comes to jewellery so we knew what kind of rings we were after. Plain platinum bands if you're wondering. The lady in the shop was so helpful. Very blunt but that really helped. We were in & out within about 10 minutes & even got my engagement ring cleaned whilst we were there!

I know that we're probably very odd in the sense that we so easily found what we were after for a great price but I'd like to think it's because we "knew what we were doing."

Here are some tips I can offer to hopefully ease this process for you...

1. Go to the Jewellery Quarter
This is literally the greatest place ever! You get such good quality jewellery for such a great price.

2. Have a think of what you want beforehand
I know that you can get carried away trying ring after ring on like you did wedding dresses but if you have some idea of what you want then you can more often than not get a budget set.

3. Set a budget
Like everything else "wedding," make sure you set a budget. You don't want to leave having spent your wedding cake funds!

4. Don't be afraid to barter
Says the worst haggler ever! I definitely leave this with my fiancé but don't be afraid. You'll be surprised with what you can get when you ask.

5. Get your engagement ring cleaned
Most places will clean your engagement ring for free when you're purchasing something from them meaning you can leave with a great sparkler again rather than some grubby old thing that you wear every day.

6. Remember that it's not just you buying your ring
Even if they don't want to admit it, your fiancé will be rather excited about this day. It's finally their chance to buy something important & meaningful to the wedding day & they will probably end up spending more than you! As soon as Stephen had bought his he wanted to wear it.

7. Get your size right
A good jewellers will know how to size your ring but in the unfortunate event of them being useless, don't be afraid to say "no!" Walking out with a ring too big or small because you didn't want to annoy the shop assistant isn't the one. You want to make sure that ring fits like a glove no matter how long you're in that shop!

8. Try your wedding band on with your engagement ring
You want to make sure that they both fit on your finger comfortably & don't overtake the whole of it.

9. Enjoy yourselves
Make sure you have a good time. It's not long until the big day!

10. Put it in a safe place
Once you're home, make sure you add it to your house insurance & keep it in a safe place. You don't want to come to the morning of the wedding day & be running around the house like a headless chicken trying to find them again.

Thank you

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