Sunday, 17 May 2015

Fabulous Five | Blogger Style

Recently, I found myself looking through posts from last year when I first started my blog & I came across one I did about my top 10 favourite bloggers.

A year on, I thought it'd be interesting to do this post again...

(only this time with 5 extra special recommendations)

1. The Londoner
I love everything about The Londoner's blog. She seems down to earth, offers expert advice & lives the high life! Oh what we all dream of! I can't say that there's a style of post I prefer as I love them all whether it be food, travel or style! Definitely worth a visit!!

2. Ivory Lane
I absolutely love Emily's blog. Her style is classically perfect & makes me want to buy everything! If you're looking for some style envy or should I say style inspiration then this is the place to go.

3. Classy Girls Wear Pearls
Another style icon of mine. Sarah's style is quite different to the two bloggers above but I love it just the same. Her adventures are also definitely something to admire & aspire to.

4. The Little Magpie
This blog is a fairly new discovery of mine but I've quickly fallen in love with her style posts above all. Her instagram is also to die for! A classic styler with some edge.

5. Oh January
Another new blog for me to read & another new favourite. I love how she covers such a wide variety of topics & keeps me thoroughly entertained.

Make sure you go over, give them some love & check out last year's favourites here!