Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Everyday Makeup

I do love a good "look" post that I can utilise for a night out or a special occasion but there's nothing better than an everyday look that's simple & doesn't take forever & a day to do.

Here's mine...

It's taken me a while to be happy with my everyday makeup & feel like it's suitable for all weathers & occasions on a day to day basis.

You'll have seen a few reviews on the products that I now use everyday so you can find more detail there - just click below!

Step 1 - 

I tend to do my eyebrows first. I'm not too sure why but I've just found it works for me. I use a little spooling brush along with my MAC 263 brush to perfect (attempt to) the old brows. I also really like the powder pots from MAC meaning I can create a lighter or more defined look dependant on my mood.

Step 2 - 

I take the 'Espresso' shadow again to line my upper lid before swiftly moving onto step 3.

Step 3 - 

Step 3 is all about the eyes. I use the Benefit 'They're Real' mascara to enhance those lashes. I love this mascara & haven't found another that I like quite as much without it coming alongside a hefty price tag.

Step 4 - 

Once the eyes are complete, I move onto the face. I take a Real Techniques Buffing Brush to blend in my YSL Youth Liberator foundation which really is sublime. Feels amazing on your skin & goes a long way too.

Step 5 - 

This step is dependant on my skin & if it's needed. If it is, I take my NARS concealer & apply it using another Real Techniques brush to hide any blemishes or dark spots.

Step 6 - 

Mr Bobbi Brown makes an appearance during this step to highlight & conceal my under eyes.

Step 7 - 

To set my face makeup, I take a MAC Transparent Finishing Powder & focus mainly on my chin, nose & forehead with a quick sweep across my cheeks.

Step 8 - 

So that I don't look like a walking ghost, being pale & ginger & all, I use this MAC Bronzing Powder with a 'Models Own' brush which I bought yonks ago!

Step 9 -

To finish off, I drench my lips in this gorgeous Bee Good Vanilla & Honey lip balm before setting off for the day.



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