Sunday, 14 December 2014

Review | MeMeMe Ultimate Plum Palette‏

A few weeks back, I blogged about some MeMeMe products that I was given at a FABBevents blog event which you can find here. This time I'm back to review another of their products which was kindly sent over.
MeMeMe have also kindly offered my readers a little extra special gift during the festive period by giving 25% off their full products. Simply use the code 'mememe25' at the checkout.
 (Code is valid until 31st December)

The new Ultimate Plum Palette has been recently launched & is ready for you to get your hands on!! Using the current trends, this new palette offers the perfect autumnal & winter colours. With 8 gorgeous shades, you'll be able to create a glamorous & sultry makeup look for many occasions.

I was really impressed when I opened the parcel to find this gorgeous packaging. I love how the outer slip cover is a deep plum colour which is in keeping with the product itself but then you'll find the usual 'MeMeMe' black packaging underneath.

As I opened the palette, I was greeted by some beautiful colours which I instantly wanted to use & experiment with. They're definitely perfect for this time of year with all the Christmas parties going on!

Seeing as my Christmas party was the week I received this beauty, I thought i'd test it out & see how it lasted. I used a few of the colours to blend together & the pigmentation of the product exceeded expectations. The shadows were very durable & I didn't have to worry at all during the night that they might come off. 

I was free to dance the night away!

The only negative was that when I applied each of the colours, I found that a lot of excess fell down onto my cheek. I have other products which do this too but luckily it's not something which will immediately put me off a product. 

I would definitely buy this product & would recommend it to a friend if they were hunting for some dark winter colours & at a cracking £13.50, you'd be silly not to purchase this!

Thank you to MeMeMe for sending this product for me to try & make sure you check out their website for other products!

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