Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Holiday Of Your Dreams

The Honeymoon.

That time to relax & recharge after the manic, emotionally draining but best day of your life!

After all of that planning, the big day is finally over. It'll be a mix of emotions but ultimately, you've married the man of your dreams & you're ready to enjoy married life.

The reality...

To be honest, I've really struggled with deciding on the honeymoon. With all of the decisions 'wedding' this has been the hardest.

I've wanted to find something that's luxurious & relaxing but to also go somewhere that you wouldn't go for an average summer holiday.  However, with the word 'honeymoon' comes a horrendous price! It's like anything wedding. As soon as the word is mentioned, the prices are massively bumped up. Ridiculous but true.

Originally, I wanted to venture to the Maldives as it has that look of luxury & pure bliss, however to get that you have to pay a large sum of money. I'm not saying I want a cheap honeymoon but you can find a gorgeous holiday for around £1000 each but for some reason all I can find for that honeymoon brand is £1500 at least!

The next place we've started to have a look at is Santorini in Greece. Again, the price is sky high but something about the location really appeals. 

As my fiancé has been working out of the country for around 9 months now, I've been planning the wedding & starting to look at houses our first house. I'm not moaning in the slightest as due to my organised personality, I've had a whale of a time but I just can't find the time to go on a honeymoon mission! This is where my amazing fiancé has stepped in & taken over the honeymoon planning.

I completely trust his decision & it's nice that he has some input in our wedding even though he's out of the country. Keep your eyes open for a post on his experience of planning a honeymoon!!

Coming away from this experience, advice I would offer is...

1. Decide what type of honeymoon you're after, for example; relaxation, adventure, travelling

2. Decide on your budget because believe you me, it's very easy to go over!

3. Get help from you're partner (it is their honeymoon as well)

4. Choose your destination

5. Book as early as you can to avoid disappointment 

I apologise if this has sounded like a 'moany' blog post but I just wanted to be honest about my experience of organising my honeymoon. Hopefully, you'll take something useful away from this.

Thank you for reading

Dainty Bride xx

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