Sunday, 9 November 2014

Me Me Me Cosmetics Review

A couple of weeks ago I went to my first blogger event (I blogged about it here.) Whilst I was there, I was handed some makeup goodies from 'Me Me Me.' 

To be honest I'd never really heard of the brand before other than the odd mention but I'm glad that I've now been introduced.

Here's what I got - 

Flawless Tinted Moisturiser

I really like the packaging on this, it's simple, clean & quite practical. One thing I'm not too keen on (and this is purely personal taste) is that it's a tube rather than a pump because I always tend to use too much when it's in a tube & find that pumps are better for getting the most out of a product. I found that the consistency was quite hard to blend in to get a natural look but once it had blended, it had a really nice finish to it. I would probably use this more in summer as the colour is slightly darker than my skin tone during winter & also I prefer a little more coverage in the winter months. 


Lash Attack Mascara

This is by far my favourite product of those I've reviewed. I really love the packaging & I'll definitely be using it regularly! It's a real natural mascara & gives a perfect lash look. It doesn't clump on the lashes which is something I always look out for in a mascara. However, if you're that girl who loves to build, build & build then this probably wouldn't be for you as even after 2 coats it wasn't too heavy but for me, it's a perfect mascara for a lazy weekend!


Light Me Up High Shine Lipgloss

One of my favourite features about this product are the little LED lights in the lid. It's such a quirky & interesting idea which would definitely make applying lippy in a dark club a whole lot easier! Once applied, the colour isn't as dark as that in the tube but it creates a perfect natural lip with a glimmer of shine. It's really moisturising & is also pretty durable. When I first tried this on I wasn't too sure but the longer I had it on, the more I liked it. This is definitely a grower!!


Arch Angel

Being obsessed with eyebrows means that I'm always on the look out for new products to try so I was very excited to find this in my goodie bag! I'm not as much of a fan of this packaging  but the idea & practicality of it is perfect. Unfortunately, I didn't fall completely in love with this product. I can see that for some girls this would work really well but it's just not right for me. It'd be perfect if you already have well defined eyebrows that just need a bit of tinting but as my eyebrows are pretty sparse, I struggled to get that definition I look for. I would still recommend this product & I did really like it, it's just not 100% right for me!


Dew Pots in 'Twilight Bliss'

I had real doubts about this product. I wasn't too keen on the colour & I normally don't get on too well with cream eye products. I was however, pleasantly surprised. The colour transferred really well & was practically identical to that in the pot. The consistency is also great, glides on & doesn't clump on the eyelid. I would definitely recommend this product & hope to get my hands on some different colours.


Seventh Heaven Enriched Moisturising Facebase

First impressions of this moisture is that it looks pretty high end. The packaging is really nice & the consistency of the cream looks luxurious. I found that it smells almost like an ice lolly... I couldn't put my finger on the smell but I quite liked it. Once applied to the face, it soaks in rather quickly & feels lightweight. After the moisturiser soaked in, my face felt super soft & also looked dewy & awake! Not that greasy look you can quite often find with moisturisers. I'm definitely looking forwards to using this!


Me Me Me have kindly offered a unique code with 25% off for all you lovely readers so make sure you get some of these goodies on their site!

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