Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Stag Do

When it comes to being a Groom there is only one thing you have total control over… the Stag do. And even then you may not have full control as the best man and your best friends want to succeed in humiliating you as much as possible.

For me however, a stag do represents everything you love as a Groom that you wouldn’t do with your Bride, for example  visiting a Strip Club…*
(*obviously a joke…)

So what are your options for a Stag do? Here are a few options that I believe to be relevant and cover all bases:

Visiting another city for a weekend away (mainly involves partying). This always appears to be a popular option, especially where we live. It seems there isn’t a weekend that goes by when our city centre isn’t full of Stag (& Hen) Do’s. The big UK cities are always the chosen few but what I would suggest is somewhere like Bruges in Belgium. If you're going to spend £££’s anyway why not go to the home of Belgium Beer! 

The adventure weekend is another favourite. I did this a few years ago for Charlie’s cousin’s Stag. We went Rally Carting, Quad Biking and then on to see a Guns n Roses tribute band. This was fun because it was a long day but we got a lot in and the carting/biking added a competition element which always makes for good laughs. Other things to consider would be Paintballing, Go-Karting & Assault Courses.

Do something out the box, I’m thinking Wine Tasting, Shooting (Clay pigeons or Real Grouse/Pheasant) and cookery classes. There are country estates that offer these kind of days and to me this doesn't seem as crazy as a weekend of partying but has the competition and alcohol elements that everyone would enjoy!

As it is YOUR Stag do make sure you are doing something that you want to but also take into consideration those who are invited; what would they want to do to help you celebrate, what can they afford and finally will it be fun?!

Have a good one.