Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Dress Code

I mentioned previously that the only thing a groom has control over is their Stag do. I realise this isn’t entirely true because you also have your outfit for the day. That said, if you turn up wearing a purple velvet suit, fur overcoat, top hat and cane looking the Snoop Dogg then do you think you’ll get away with it? 
What I wear is important because I want to look the 2nd best at my wedding, (behind my Bride) and I want to look unique. You may also want to take into consideration what time of year you are getting married, what time of day and your location. 
Getting married at 11am in the local registry office? Then don’t wear a Tuxedo!

 Here are some options that I think look good and how you can make them that extra bit special;

I have added links to those in bold which are my favourite. 

A nice dark Navy suit can be worn with or without a waistcoat but in my opinion I would say with. 
Another colour option could be a grey Prince of Wales Check. Pair this with a crisp white shirt, a slim Navy tie and black Oxford Shoes. 

Time to throw in some foliage in the button hole, possibly a crisp white pocket square and NO BELT.  Altogether this is a great outfit as you can recycle it by wearing all of it again, so why not take the time to find the perfect cut and colour, maybe even visit Savile Row to get one made? I like the cut of Cad & the Dandy.

One of the most popular formal dress codes in the UK, black or grey single-breasted Morning Coat with Grey Trousers and waistcoat. Please match the waistcoat, do not wear one of those horrible wedding ones hire companies provide that are in a cream/ivory floral design, they make my skin crawl. 
Match this again with black Oxfords and a white shirt and you will look like a classic gent. but you also get free reign over your tie here. It's best to match it to your colour theme and don’t go for your football team’s colours. 
(Remember what I said above, “some control”)

Something more common in the US but I believe will catch on more and more here. Navy or black dinner jacket with satin/silk lapels, matching trousers, black Oxfords (notice a trend), white shirt and navy/black bow tie. 
Traditionally trousers, jacket and bow tie should match but I say mix it up a little, go for a navy jacket, black trousers and black bow tie OR black jacket, navy trousers and black bow tie. With this outfit you can also mix around with the material combinations as the trousers could have a grosgrain trim on the outside or you could use a hand knitted bow tie, all to add some texture.

Have a good one!