Sunday, 28 June 2015

Seaside Indulging

There's nothing better than some good quality food when you go away on holiday & Cornwall definitely offers that & more. Whilst we were in Padstow (& anytime we go really) we ate the "standard" seaside food as well as venturing out for something a little bit different. 

Here's some of the places we visited this time around...

1. Rick Stein's Fish & Chips

As Padstow is now known as "Padstein", we couldn't not venture down to the harbour for some of his fish & chips. Now these aren't your bog standard £5 bag of chips but I really do think it's worth it. I absolutely love the scampi as it's so light & fresh but if you really want to push the boat out you can have oysters & scallops. 

2. The Basement

When we first started going to Padstow, The Basement was a really small indoor cafe which served your basic British food. It's slowly grown & is now a lot more refined & has opened a really fancy outdoor section.

As we'd got up at 4.30am on the Saturday to make our way down, we headed that way for a delicious full English breakfast which didn't disappoint!

4. Harbour Ice

This ice cream parlour has so many flavour to choose from but my favourite is the double chocolate in a waffle cone with marshmallows on top. Perfect for sitting on the harbour.

5. The Mariners

What's not to love... English style pub food restaurant opened up by Nathan Outlaw & Sharp's Brewery. I had some tasty ham hock croquettes & a delicious roast beef Sunday dinner.

6. The Waterfront 

Now, these mussels were as good as they looked & made even better with the crispy fries. If you've made the trek from Padstow to Polzeath, then these waiting for you at The Waterfront is heavenly.

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