Sunday, 21 June 2015

Penta Hotel Launch Party

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to a launch party in Derby for Penta Hotels. To be honest, I'd never heard of this hotel chain before so was a little sceptical as to what it would be like. I did some research & discovered that it's actually a worldwide hotel chain with hotels in places all the way from China & Belgium to Birmingham & Warrington.

Not wanting to be a loner all night, I took fellow blogger Sarah from Seriously Shallow which definitely helped with my nerves & meant that we could have a good old chat & giggle!

The hotel chain itself claims to be a new generation of hotels. They provide a relaxed & informal atmosphere & have a very rustic interior design. Each of their hotels has a "lifestyle lobby" which is multi-functional being a reception, bar, cafe & a place to relax.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass of champers which immediately helped me to relax a little. It was already pretty busy inside so we quickly grabbed a seat to have a drink & get some pictures.

I was definitely surprised to see an ice bar but it really added to the event. The bar was free all night for alcoholic & soft drinks which meant everyone was free to relax without having to worry about spending too many pennies. If only I wasn't working the next day...

As it got closer to 9pm my stomach was rumbling like there was no tomorrow & luckily, a dozen chefs rolled out of the kitchen with so much food, my eyes didn't know where to look.

The selection was amazing! Meats, cheeses, breads, dips & vegetables were on offer for those who just wanted to have a pick but through another room they were serving tuna, beef, pasta & most & of course best of all, a pudding area including Haagen Dazs ice cream.

I was amazed at how good the food was as usually at these kind of events & hotels in general, the food is a little lifeless & tasteless. This food was genuinely so tasty, my favourite being the beef & tuna.

To top the evening off, there were various TV stars invited & Blue were playing a set. I mean, my teenage self was loving life! 

And of course, we couldn't leave without a cheeky snap on the red carpet!

All in all, I had a really great time. I ate too much, chatted too much & got to see some familiar faces. What more can you want from an event? I'd definitely recommend this hotel worth a trip. Click HERE to book your stay & make sure you follow them on twitter at @pentahotels!

I'd love to take another visit myself to see if it's the same great hotel during normal business & to explore the rooms.

Thank you again to 20ten Entertainment for inviting me to the event.


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