Sunday, 7 June 2015

May Favourites

This month, I "May" have bought some new products & they've been a dream. Bring on June & more amazing products!!

1. Tangle Teaser

I have finally (after about 5 years of having wanted one) bought a tangle teaser & my gosh do I love it. As a girl with long hair, I'm suffer massively with knots & tangles to the point where I dread having a shower as I'll have to tackle the mane. Since buying this, it's made brushing my hair a dream. If only I'd bought it sooner.

2. No7 Pore

Another new product to my skincare collection & another that I really enjoy using. I find some "pore" products really heavy on the skin but this No7 is silky smooth & feels extremely light.

3. Flowers

I've always loved flowers but this month my love for them is going into overdrive. Everywhere I go, i'm admiring the flowers & I can't wait for when I can fill my house with flowers!

4. French Manicure

Having a french manicure really reminded me of being about 12 years old but for some reason this month I had a real urge to try it again. I definitely haven't regretted this decision. It's classy, simple & a real crowd pleaser. Potential wedding nails?

5. MeMeMe Cosmetics Mascara

I reviewed this mascara back in November as I'd been given a few of their products at a FABB events blogger event. Even back then I was loving it but for some reason, it got lost among other mascara's. I've definitely fallen back in love with it this month & have loved the "au natural" look.

Click HERE to read the review

6. Prosecco

There seems to have been a fair few birthday's in May & I have been loving the prosecco! I think it's probably my favourite alcoholic drink. It tastes delicious & the bubbles look pretty too right?


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