Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Travel | A Norwegian Adventure

I moved to Aalesund, Norway with very little knowledge of Norwegian culture and therefore didn’t know what to expect when I woke up the next day (I arrived at my apartment at midnight!). The things I had heard about Norway were that it is; always dark, very expensive, very cold, extremely patriotic and everyone is born with skis attached to their feet. 

So first off let me tell you, these are all pretty much true! During winter it can stay dark all day and where I live this did happen the last few days before I returned to the UK for Christmas, never have I been happier to see English weather in my life! It is also very expensive, I will use an age old price metric that everyone will understand… it’s roughly £9 for a pint of lager. That’s worse than London! So you can see how I might have felt after weeks of 0-5 degrees and constant rain and wind, it might drive you to a drink or two BUT I can’t afford that with a wedding to pay for.

It is, however, not all bad… Norway is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. The landscape is breathtaking and the weather can create some extremely dramatic photo opportunities (see below). Aalesund in particular is on the sea and is a famous Art Nouveau town that tourists visit before they visit Geirangerfjord which is quite possibly the most famous Fjord in the world and the inspiration for Frozen (apparently!). There are some decent ski resorts within a 2 hour drive and a flight here can be as cheap as £60 from Gatwick so it is one of those places that if you know about it, you know about it and it can be brilliant.

Enjoy the photos below that should give you an idea of what kind of place Norway is and if you ever get the chance to travel here make sure you experience real Norway and come to Aalesund or another port town rather than Oslo. I will say one thing, although it is beautiful and fun to live in I don’t think it will top living in Washington D.C…. or England.

The town has lots of statues but this is my favourite.

The local cinema - with only one screen!

Sunset shot

Aalesund Harbour

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