Sunday, 1 February 2015

Brushes Galore

I've found that makeup brushes can be the key to great looking makeup. Find some you love & you're onto a winner! Even though I have 2 pots full of them, I always use the same brushes without even realising.

I discovered the Real Techniques brushes about 2 years ago & they definitely live up to their reputation. I'd say that these are my most used brushes, especially the face ones.

I have also fallen in love with the MAC brushes although they're slightly more expensive so I only have a few. I find that the MAC eye brushes are really good as they're so soft & don't hold onto the product so much that it takes hours to apply!

- Base - 

(Part of the core collection with 4 brushes)

This brush was one of the first I bought from Real Techniques & it's continued to impress. I've used this brush with many a foundation & it still gives a great buffed effect. I pick this up everyday whether it's to blend in some concealer or a full face of foundation. Worth the £21.99 (to buy the complete set) & it's still going strong 2 years later!!

(Part of the core collection with 4 brushes)

I'm one of those people who buys brushes & then doesn't use them for what they're named after. As I already have a foundation brush, I tend to use this to apply my Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener as it's a really soft brush & can get into the corners of my eye.

(Part of the Real Techniques Starter Set with 5 brushes)

Again, I don't tend to use this on my crease, I find it's quite a tough brush & therefore wouldn't use it on my eyelids as they're sensitive. I've found that this is really good for concealer. You can blend it in well or just use the brush to pat it into the skin.

- Blush & Bronzer -

(Part of the core collection with 4 brushes)

Even though this is part of my "most used" brush collection, it only tends to come out at the weekend! It's also known as 'the party brush.' I love a good contour but not every day. When I go out I always use this to enhance my cheek bones & channel my inner Kim K. I only tend to use powders to contour but I've read that it also works on cream products as well.

This has to be the best powder brush that I've used over the years. I always find that powder brushes can be a bit floppy & useless but this really sets the powder in place whilst being a really soft brush. 

(Price unknown)

Now this is an old school brush. I've had this for so long I can't even remember when I bought it. I'm actually looking for a new one but this is still a great brush. It apples the bronzer really well I just find that it also clings onto the product so you end up wasting quite a bit! Any recommendations on powder/bronzer brushes?

- Eyes & Brows - 

This brush is a good little one for it's price. It does the job & is nice & soft.

The saviour of all brushes. My everyday eye brow brush. This little wonder is amazing. I really don't know what i'd do without it now. So small that you can really work it up & create the perfect look. I also use this to line my eyelid. Go & buy it. Now. You won't regret.

Ever since I bought this brush last summer in San Fran, it's become my favourite. It's so soft & fluffy but also is a great blending brush! Even though it's a quite pricy £19, it's definitely worth it & even when I use the blackest of eye shadows, as soon as I wash it, it's beautiful white again!

- Lips - 

I got this brush as a part of a set a while back & never thought I'd use it but it's just perfect for that statement red lip. It's quite a firm brush which really helps to apply the product without it going everywhere.

One thing i've learnt about makeup brushes is that to keep them maintained, you need to regularly clean them. I tend to wash my brushes on a weekly basis as one of those odd jobs on a lazy Sunday. (I don't know how often you're "meant" to clean them but this works for me.) 

Although I've a set of brushes I'm happy with, a girl always wants more right? Having seen the gorgeous 'Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection,' these will definitely be added to my brush wish list along with a Zoeva set!

Do you have the same favourites as me?

Thank you for reading


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