Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Review | Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

I've never been much of a fan of these tinted eye brighteners. I always find that they don't give me the coverage that I want & claim to be better than they are.

My sister bought this product a while back & I didn't really think much of it. She said I should give it a try, I did & was instantly hooked. I was so surprised how much it brightened my eyes & it also gave me a better coverage than other products I'd previously used.

This product is definitely no under eye concealer & even though they don't claim this to be a concealer, it does provide some light coverage. Because it's a tinted formula it gives more of a natural look than those really thick eye brightener's you usually see that seem caked on to the skin.

It's now my go to product each morning so that I can leave the house looking awake & refreshed. It works well with or without foundation which is perfect for when I'm having a minimal makeup day.

I bought this concealer back in summer & I'm still going strong on that very same bottle. Bearing in mind I use this everyday, this product goes a long way. 

The one negative I have with this product is it's longevity. Once applied, I find that it slowly begins to fade & by the end of the day what's left is minimal. The type of product it is, I didn't expect it to stay on all day so with a few touch ups, I look & feel bright eyed with no worries.

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