Sunday, 11 January 2015

December Favourites

Can you believe that it's the new year & we're now in 2015? This is an exciting year for me & I can't wait to get going but in the mean time, here are my December favourites.

1. Coffee

I went off coffee for about a year. Every time I drank one it made me really sick so I decided that it just wasn't worth it. My fiancé had a Costa one day but with soya milk so I thought I'd give it a go. I instantly fell back in love & have now discovered that having it with soya milk leaves me sick free. Amazing. Coffee here I come!

2. Yankee Candle 'Merry Berry'

I feel slightly odd discussing Christmas related items but it is a December favourites after all. This candle smells divine. It's a Yankee so you know you can expect it to last & also is a beautiful festive red. 

3. Christmas Films

I love a good Christmas film. As soon as December hits (or quite often before that) I have to watch one. Nothing better to get you in the Christmas spirit. Some of my favourites are;

The Grinch
Home Alone
Arthur Christmas
Jingle All The Way

4. Crumpets

So British. Love a good crumpet. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I just can't seem to get enough of them at the minute!

5. Bee Good 'Vanilla & Honey' Lip Balm

I got this lip balm during a FABB blogger event in Birmingham (you can find the post here) & I'm so glad I did. I absolutely love it. The texture & result is just what you want during those winter months where you dread having dry lips.

6. Jo Malone Candle 'Dark Amber & Ginger Lily'

You'll find the perfume of this in my 'September Favourites' which I instantly fell in love with & luckily enough my sister got me the candle to match! You can imagine it was lit immediately. It'll be a sad day when this runs out.

7. Soda Crush

This is a rather embarrassing to admit but I can't deny it has been a favourite during December. I'm obsessed. 

8. No7 Gel Look Shine Polish

Since I started getting my nails done properly, I've neglected my jars of nail polishes even though I still paint my toe nails myself. I decided enough was enough & I needed to get using them again. Since then I've fallen back in love with this No7 'gel' polish. Won't be doing that again.

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