Thursday, 1 January 2015

Goodbye 2014!

Happy new year beautiful people! How is it already 2015?! 

To start this lovely new year, I wanted to take a look back & share some of my favourite memories from 2014. I've had an amazing year with some amazing people for which I'm so grateful for but don't get me wrong, there have still been plenty of ups & downs but all in all it's been a good one. I hope you had a great year too!

Let's begin...

- February - 

The Engagement 
(& party)

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- March - 

Sat Bains

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The Cotswolds

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- April - 


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- July - 

A Trip to America

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- August -

A Birthday in Brighton

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- October - 

My first blogger event (FABB Events) 

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- November - 

Countryside Walks

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- December - 


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New Years Eve

I can't wait for this year, there's already so much to look forwards to! I mean, we're hoping to buy our first house together & we're getting married... surely it can't get much better than that!
I hope you all have an amazing year!
Thank you for reading,


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