Sunday, 12 April 2015

March Favourites

How quick has a year flown by since I started up my dainty blog?! Here we go again with another favourites!

1. Double Denim

I've always been a fan of double denim but only find I can pull it off with my white jeans. Now that the sun has decided to come out, I can double denim all I like!

2. Glasses

I've never had to wear glasses before so was a little nervous about purchasing my first pair. I have now fallen completely in love with them. I don't feel horrible or conscious wearing them & sometimes they can complete a look.

3. Ciate Nail Kit

As we're trying to buy a house, my fiancĂ© bought this little DIY kit from Ciate so that I wouldn't have to go & get my nails done anymore (I probably still will - I like the experience of going & having a good chinwag.) However, it's great for my toe nails & is a little nifty thing that is easily transported! 

4. Books

I go through phases where I'm really into reading & other times where I'm not fussed at all. Currently, I'm reading 'Insurgent.' I'm really enjoying reading it & it's an easy read. Perfect for sitting in the garden with a glass of vino.

5. H&M Gym Kit


Now that my fiancé is back, I've started going to the gym a lot more but found that I didn't really have any "proper" clothing. Not wanting to spend a fortune, I went to H&M & was pleasantly surprised by the variety of items they have to offer. I've been loving their full length leggings & baggy tops which is made even better by the bargain price.

6. Game of Thrones

Love, love, love! I know I'm well behind but I'm determined to catch up!

7. Jo Malone Perfume

I've had this perfume for over a year now (see, it's worth the cash!) & it's still going strong. Since it's felt a little warmer, I've found that it's been used a lot more & I'm loving it again.


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