Sunday, 26 April 2015

DIY | You're Cordially Invited

As soon as I got engaged, I hunted high & low for various invitation styles requesting samples all over the place. It was a lot of fun but I just kept getting disheartened by the price. After a few weeks of being shocked & disappointed with how much people could charge for some paper, we decided that we'd be better off making our own.

Now believe you me, making your own invitations is a lot harder than you think! Especially when you're as creative as me. Which isn't an awful lot! I took to Upcycled Treasures to find some ideas & guidance for a wedding invitation as a "do it yourself'er" & came across an amazing free template. It also perfectly matched our colour theme so clearly, it was meant to be. 

Off I went & set to work on Adobe Illustrator (which is amazing by the way) to amend some of the details & change the format around a tad. Here, I hit my first milestone. It was a lot harder than I'd originally thought it would be. Finally, giving in after various attempts, I went to a family friend who's an expert to beg for help!

Using Upcycled Treasures as an idea base, I searched google for a wallet in a lilac colour so we could combine both of the colours we'd chosen for our theme in the invites.

I found mine at Pocket Fold Invites for an amazing 99p each, although because it's an American company, it would have cost a fortune to get them all shipped over. Luckily for us, at the time my fiancĂ© was working in the states so could pick them up!

Tip - Try to source all materials from the UK - A LOT CHEAPER

Feeling happy with our choices & how it looked, off they went to the printers to be sized, printed, cut & stuck in ready for us to finish.

In the meantime, off to John Lewis we went feeling pretty chuffed with ourselves until we discovered that using lace to decorate the invites was going to cost us about £70! That soon burst our bubble & we were back to the drawing board.

Instead we opted for a mint coloured ribbon that'd we'd also used on our Save The Dates & I'm actually really happy with how they turned out!

We set aside an evening for decoration & if you're anything like me with little patience for fiddly things, then this part will definitely give you anger bubbles. Luckily, the mother & mother-in-law offered their services which meant I could get ahead with writing the invites & organising (which is what I do best) as well as enjoying a cheeky glass of prosecco in the process.

Ok ok, we may have shared a bottle. After all, you need to enjoy yourself! We got a little production line running & had a laugh along the way.

Even though it took quite a bit of work for a very simple design, I definitely don't regret making our own invites. We saved a hell of a lot in cost & got exactly what we wanted.

I hope you like them!

(Apologies for the all the blurred out sections but you know, you gotta keep some stuff private!!)

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