Sunday, 15 March 2015

Menu A or Menu B?

A few weekends ago, Stephen & I went for a food tasting at the wedding venue.

I was really looking forwards to this but I was worried I might be disappointed with the standard of food. It's always hard having to choose your venue before you know what the food is like. Unless you're having your wedding at a hotel in which case you could always have a meal there beforehand.

I loved the structure of our food tasting. We were sat with other couples who would be getting married around the same time of year as us which meant we could have a good natter about all things wedding.

First of all, they brought out a miniature plate of 3 starters. I really liked this idea as it was just enough to taste but not so much we felt well & truly stuffed before we'd even started!

So that you could see how it'd look on the day, they put a full sized version of each starter at the top of the room.

Next came the main course. For this, they brought out two full sized main courses, one for each of us. Being slightly greedy & not wanting to miss out, we cut each plate in half & shared. I would recommend this if you're wanting to try everything.

Beef Wellington

Roast Chicken

They also brought out a veggie option for the table to share. 

Finally, they placed these delicious looking puddings in front of us. Again, like the starters, they gave us a mini of each & then put the actual sized dessert at the top of the room.

Feeling well & truly fulfilled, we left the venue with no clue what to do!

We still need to decide what we want for our wedding day but enjoyed the day non the less!

Tips for your food tasting - 

1. Go open minded
2. Try everything 
3. Don't expect a Heston Blumenthal standard meal (unless you're paying an absolute fortune!!)
4. Remember you need to enjoy the food as much as your guests
5. Don't let the price sway you too much
6. But also remember your budget
7. Go away with a menu in hand & have a good think
8. Don't go expecting to make your mind up there & then

Thank you for reading