Wednesday, 8 October 2014

September Favourites

                                                                Another month rolls by... September Favourites is here!

I've wanted the Valentino version for quite some time now so when I spotted these beauties in Office shortly after my birthday I just couldn't resist!! They look like the kind of shoes that hate feet but amazingly, they're super comfy! 

I've had the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate for a while now & I absolutely love it! It feels incredible on my skin & I would always recommend it. When I last went in I was given a sample of the eye cream. I don't tend to use samples as they get pushed to the back of my dressing table draw but I felt like this one would be worth a go. I'm so glad I tried it as it's just as amazing as the concentrate. It's super creamy consistency makes it a dream to put on every night & I will definitely be re-purchasing this!

I think this post has a bit of a theme with me going into places not expecting to find anything & then coming out with a rather large dent in my purse! This perfume is no exception. I originally went in to discuss my 'wedding fragrance' & came out smelling like a dream. In the end I had to go back to get another spritz so the lovely lady gave me a sample. Luckily, my fiance being in America, I was able to get this a tiny bit cheaper as it's a whopping £100!! Although expensive, it's definitely worth it.

4. Gel Nails

Everyone has that one part of their body that they love. For me, it's my nails. Odd I know! I'm lucky enough to have naturally long & strong nails which I love to enhance with a cheeky bit of polish. However, nail polish & I used to have a bad relationship. I got so annoyed every time it would chip & would immediately need to take it off & reapply. Then I was introduced to gel. I haven't looked back. It's incredible, I can live my normal life & not worry about my nails looking messy or waiting for polish to dry properly for hours on end. 

5. New Look Shoes

Again, another purchase I wasn't expecting to make! These shoes aren't normally something I would buy as I can be a bit 'safe' sometimes but for once I decided to just go for it. I love the colour, style & versatility of these heels. I've been able to wear them for various occasions including work. A worthy purchase in my opinion.

I can tell I'm getting older as these would have creeped me out at 16 years old! I'm definitely edging towards comfort over style although these are very in at the minute so I guess I'm killing two birds with one stone. 

I've never really been a 'techy' person but having realised I was filling my macbook up to the brim I needed somewhere to store my thousands of photos. This WD passport has been amazing. It's super easy to use & has a large amount of memory available. 

I'm always a bit wary of buying hair products as I find my hair gets greasy easily when adding lots of products into the equation. However, this hairspray makes my hair feel soft but also increases the body which lasts for ages!

Mmm truffle oil. Just thinking of it makes my mouth water! Any time I see 'truffle' on a menu I instantly choose that dish. As my fiance is moving away for 6 months again he decided to buy me some truffle oil for my going away present. Literally the best present ever! You can practically put it on anything. Amazing.

I'm loving this bag at the minute. It's pretty much identical to the Longchamp version I have but it's slightly softer & is a larger size. I love the colour which is very autumnal but I feel like this is something I can wear all year round.

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